2021 Collection

20th Anniversary Crushed Red Velvet Coozie

20th Anniversary Crushed Red Velvet Coozie


We upped the look and feel of the crushed red velvet coozies. The new ones include the 20th Anniversary logo and will include a stitched white trim lip to really POP against the red velvet. Yep, this is one coozie you are going to want to keep clean.
On the other side, we kept the BIKEIOWA logo high for visibility once in your hand and it leaves plenty of room to stroke the velvet.
On the bottom, you'll find 20 tally marks - one for each year that we've been an Iowa cycling resource.
NOTE: The real coozie will look MUCH better than this mock-up. The white lip does not show up on this mock-up either See the photo of the 2019 red velvet coozie to see how cool the velvet is!

NOTE: This item ship in early June 2021. All other items ordered on the same order will be shipped at the same time.

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