A 4-season super-lite-weight water-proof, wind-proof pogie that keeps the wind, rain and muck off you hands.

Works on straight, drop and flared, and Jones bars. Slips over virtually any controls. Easily shift, brake and steer over the top of the Pogie Lites.

Control the temperature easily by sliding the pogie's position where you need it the most. Slide it over your whole hand, just your knuckles or even your fingertips.

Don't need 'em at all? Fold them back and store them on your bars, or take them off and put in a jersey pocket. If it rains or the night-time chill gets ya, roll them back onto your bars. YEAH. It's that easy.

Created from necessity, we've ridden thousands of miles in brash weather and have come up with a perfect lite-weight and simple solution to warm and dry hands. Once your hands get cold, the rest of your body follows. Keep your hands warm, and you'll be able to endure any weather Mother Nature throws at you.


  • One size fits most if not all bars
  • Wind and water proof
  • Over the top control
  • On-bar Storage
  • A pair weighs 3 ounces!
  • Temperature control (fold on/off, wrist elastic, foldable weather lip)

We've tested them for months in the Iowegian weather and feel we have the design, fit and finish nailed down!

Attach to bars with a polypro strap webbing and a ladder lock buckle. Hand entry is adjustable by cinching the elastic pull strap.

Every set of Pogie Lites is cut, sewn and assembled in Central Iowa, by the same folks that bring you BIKEIOWA.com. Pogie Lites are made in small batches.

What is a Pogie? - They are an over-sized "mitten" that attaches to your handlebars. The air inside the pogie creates a micro-climate that will keep your hands warm in all temperatures. Pogies have been used for years in extreme conditions for cycling, skiing, motorcycles and ATVs. They cover the whole hand, grips, brakes and controls.

Pogie Lites are sold as a pair.